Global CPA assisting the foreigner Company to implement and run a Profit Center in Asia. Furthermore it will demonstrate the additional tax advantages of setting up a Profit Center in Hong Kong.

Furthermore, one of the main goals of a group for establishing a Treasury Center and Profit («TC») is tax savings. The use of a TC allows for the allocation of portions of the profits to low tax countries.

The functional area of Profit centre in Hong Kong
1.International Tax efficiency structure
2.Confidentially of ownership
3.Cash Management
4.Asset Management
5.Foreigner Exchange Management
6.Interest Rate Management
7.Accounts Pay Corporate Finance able
8.Accounts Receivable
9.Corporate Finance
10.Bank Relationship Management
It provides financial management and transaction services for the other group entities. Its most typical functions include setting rules for rein voicing within the group and externally, offering factoring services for the group companies’ third party receivables, providing the group with asset management services for any surplus funds, providing exchange and interest rate risk management services to other group entities, and optimizing the group’s global tax position and controlling the repatriation of funds through the group via dividends, interest payments etc.

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